Friday, July 1, 2016

Preparing for the Ng-Chan wedding - Theme

I like theme parties, I always do . I also enjoy planning parties of all sorts, from birthdays to birthdays to birthdays! I love going online , searching for the good cheap deals and trying my hands on DIY stuff . 

This time it's special . It's different from all the other birthday plannings. I decided to make a series of how I planned this wedding cheaply yet it doesn't look cheap, I hope? Let's start w the theme!

It wasn't hard to decide on it . We could either go away with it or do it once and do it good . Since we had to have a Chinese wedding because of my dad and his "oh you are my only daughter" threats, I decided to do it once, do it good . After all, it is going to my only Chinese wedding. 

This guy brought us together. Blue paper flowers from qoo10, hearts post-its threaded together w sewing thread, free printables banner from the Internet. 

We had a rather nice ROM which was what we both dreamt of. Nicely placed chairs at the side of the room with close friends and relatives , bride walking down with her dad in hand, saying our vows and exchanging rings at the end. Decorations were mostly from qoo10 and free printables from the Internet. I didn't thought to record any thing related to my ROM on here because it was easy to decorate . Food was from Neogarden. Everyone loves it . There was no leftovers, possibly because I order 60pax for 80pax. This is to make sure that I don't have to deal with unfinished food. I had the same caterer for CNY. Ordered 30pax for 40 and I had 50% leftovers.

Anyway back to the theme, we were Potter fans and we did our pre wedding shoot way before we settled on anything else. Our pre wedding shoot has some flying shots so it was a no brainer to go for a Harry Potter theme. Besides, which wedding guest doesn't like to be told to be dressed in black? 

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