Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Husband challenge : I let him dress me for a week

I've been seeing plenty of boyfriend/husband tags even before I met Alwyn. I always wanted to challenge myself out of my comfort zone. I am a very strong headed person who likes to be in charge so by letting my significant other decide something for me even for a day is tough! However because Alwyn and I have very similar taste in fashion, I trust in him that he wouldn't chose something that I might look ridiculous in.

It was also a challenge for him as I have very limited clothes (I meant all my comfort clothes) in his house and the other 7/8 of them are still sitting in my parental's. I bring a few pieces back every weekend.

We didn't start the challenge on a Monday as it was Chinese New Year and I have already gotten my new clothes before I decided to do this with Alwyn.

It didn't take long to convince Alwyn to take this up. Towards the last few days he was tired of having to chose my clothes so I gave him the option to chose my undergarments too (men~).

Rules : Alwyn chooses what I wear but he cannot decide my hairstyle and makeup. 


Went to watch a movie with my parents at Jcube. Alwyn chose a sweater because he was afraid I was going to be cold in the theatres. 

Sweater : H&M hongkong
Jeans : denizen from Levi's 
Sandals : Rubi Malaysia 
Bag : Topshop
Makeup : none

I like this combination. It's not something I will put on on my own accord. Singapore is just too warm. Jeans and sandals is not my thing either. But I guess I managed to pull it off pretty nicely.


Went to work as usual today. Alwyn didn't get to select the bag that I'd carry that day 'cause you know, work bag.

Dress : H&M Singapore
Shoes : Nike Air Max Hongkong
Bag : Michael Kors London 
Makeup : none 

This is one of my go to wearables. I definitely go out in this one too many times! My husband knows me and my choice of clothes too well.

Friday -

He has a thing for this pair of sandals. I did try to divert his attention to another pair of kicks but he refused to budge.

Dress: ASOS
Cardigan : Cotton On
Makeup : none 

This dress is too tight for me but he insist I look good in it . I usually find that wearing a cardigan makes my boobs look even bigger than it already is but at the same time he knows I hate to bare my arms . I get cold easier when I wear sleeveless.. Even in sunny Singapore. 


Went out for some visiting after morning class and an afternoon nap. 

Top: H&M
Skirt : Bangkok
Shoes : Minni Mouse Melissa Shoes Brazil
Makeup : none 

I used to like wearing this skirt but then I realize it's not easy to find a top to match it unless it's a plain colored one. To be honest, I almost forgot about this skirt.

Sunday -

V'day! Alwyn wasn't very elated that I wanted to put makeup on. Went to church therefore Alwyn had to chose something that covers at least the knee.

Dress : ASOS
Shoes : Melissa shoes Brazil
Bag : DKNY London 
Makeup : full on

It's a new dress and I was abit taken aback from his choice of red flats. I could have gone with a pair of sneakers but this made me look and feel very feminine!

Monday - 

Had my laptop with me for work proposes. I usually wear slippers if I have to go to two or more houses to teach or am heading home after work.

Top: Bangkok 
Skirt : Bangkok 
Slippers : Havaianas
Makeup : none

Also one of my go to combinations. This time either Alwyn lazy to chose already so he chose what I would usually wear or he wants me to be comfortable.

Tuesday - 

Went to work and CG CNY gathering after. 

Dress : Bangkok 
Cardigan : Cotton Candy
Shoes : New Balance 
Makeup : concealer, eyeliner, eyebrows

I wore this dress only once . I have two more of the same type of dress but different design. I find that the vertical design makes me look bigger sideways? 

I'm pretty glad that the week is over . I'm excited to be choosing my clothes again however it was nice to have someone choose something for me while I laze a little longer in bed. The downside is I can't make any changes like say keep the skirt ditch the top . I like this whole idea and I will make him do this once a year with me!

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