Saturday, May 28, 2016

E-Sarn Thai Cuisine review

Husband and I wanted to have Fat Boy's but we didn't know it was close on a Monday so we decided to just plonk our butts at any place nearby that has air con. Most cafes are closed on Mondays therefore other than the coffee shop next to Pepys Road, we had to settle for Thai food . I always walk pass this restaurant but has never tried it out. Thank god for lunch deals!

If you are taking a cab, tell the uncle "after Jalan Mat Jambol". Hardly any taxi drivers know where is Pepys Road and Pasir Panjang Road is such a long stretch. I mean <I>Panjang</i> means long in Malay anyway. 

The carpark at Pepys Road is your nearest carpark and its 50cents every half an hour. Free parking after 5.30pm! 

For some reason he looks like Jay Chou after he shaves.

Lunch deal 1 - Basil chicken rice, extra spicy . Comes with one drink. Egg came with a lot of oil. Loved the basil chicken.

Lunch deal 2 - Pad Thai. Comes with one drink and add $2 for tom yum soup. Husband feels Pad Thai is too hard.

$2 for a tom yum soup add on is reasonable as tom yum soup came with generous ingredients. However soup was more sweet and not spicy. 

Picking out his vegetables . Disgusting man.

20% off desert when you order their lunch deal. This is red ruby delight . We loved the combination of their coconut ice cream and milk at the bottom. Ice cream didn't melt as fast.

Service was good . Even gave us two bowls and two spoons to share our desert ! 

We spent less than $30 on this meal. Prolly the cheapest lunch outside we ever had . 

Verdict - worth it ! 

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