Monday, February 1, 2016

Arch Angel Brow eyelash extension review

Vanity is in every girl/woman's bloodstream. So is laziness . After getting my eyebrow embroidered, I saw the light at the end of the tunnel . I didn't have to worry about one area of my face. It's like a burden off my shoulders because I never knew how to do my eyebrows properly although I am blessed with eyebrows. However I can't say the same to my eyelashes department.

So for awhile now I've been researching on eyelash extensions. Still, I had doubts not answered and I got so tired of weighing out the pros and cons that I decided to wing it . I got a deal off , set an appointment and got ready for the results . Before I decided on the deal that I got, I searched for reviews but to no avail. Arch Angel Brows had a couple of bloggers' reviews on their eyebrow embroidery. One said the comfort level was 7/10, which to me was considered very bad as Allure Beauty eyebrow embroidery has zilch pain and discomfort. I still went for it as it was near home.

Located at 321 Clementi, it's very accessible and easy to find. Shop front is small and squeezy, it made me feel uncomfortable especially because I was lugging my bag and laptop for work after.

Someone was sorted at that chair for a consultant on her eyebrows that day and I had to squeeze to get into the door.

I was given a choice of 8mm, 10mm and 12mm cluster eyelashes. I asked for before and after photos of the various eyelash extensions and settled for 10mm as I wanted to look more natural than looking as though I have feathers on.

Before. I used photowonder app so that my blemishes won't scare anyone.

After. Fuller and curly!

My beautician was alright. She was helpful and patient although not a proficient in English. I was impressed at her service before the nightmare started. The whole process was pretty painless although it felt dry and prickly though. Like something was poking my eye as she glued the eyelash extensions. The worst was when she asked me to open my eyes before the glue dried. I was tearing and I couldn't wipe the tears off! It was torturous and scary, scared that I will go blind.

At the end of it all, of course I was asked if I wanted to get a package with them. As my beautician couldn't speak proper English, she asked another staff to explain to me how to take care of my eyelash extensions. Instead that staff tried to sell me a package and after I said no thank you (see, i was still very polite), she seemed completely uninterested in telling me anything else and when I asked her what are the dos and donts, she just said "don't rub your eyes". THATS IT . Wow. I googled and it gave me more than that instruction. 

Eyelash extensions meant to last for at least 2 weeks. It's been 4 days and two of them fell off from my right eye. They still look pretty even. 

No eyeliner, no mascara, no eyebrow drawing! Just concealer, blusher and lipstick!

I love having eyelash extensions. I feel more confident going barefaced although it's hard to maintain in my case; I still need to get use to having it. But I know for sure I would never go back to Arch Angel Brow even if it's the last place that does eyelash extensions. 

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