Tuesday, October 22, 2013

baby, its not the same

It has been a while. My apologies.

I reckon the times we shared are not judged based on the quantity of it but of the quality of it. There have been quite a few obstacles this month. Me, being me, definitely have my way or two of curbing/overcoming these obstacles. Others, not so much. I am alright if you need my two cents worth or need a listening ear. However, it have to come to a point where you either figure things out yourself, or heed my advice. I cannot keep listening to your complains because "life is short, move on",

Looking at photos of the happier times makes me wonder why don't everyone sit their asses down, and find the root of all evil? Eliminate the bad and you have the good, or simply be the friend who everyone wants to have and trash it out. I never like walking away from a problem but it really takes two hands to clap. If you think you can salvage it, why dont you do it? There has to be a limit nonetheless. That's up to one to decide where that said limit lies. Walk away with no regrets if you must.

Guilt trippin' is just stooping down to a level of I despise you.

The lack of motivation to pen down my thoughts has caused me to be really bad at writing. It seems that the vocab I once had is gone, and all that I've left is basic grammar and primary school list of words. I need to start reading and find my mojo back. I AM A MASS COMM GRAD FOR GOODNESS SAKE. Sometimes, I am just soooo disappointed at myself. I also need to find some me alone time - to find myself again.

I am a very emotional person, truth be told. I cry at every little touching story I hear and every scene in a romantic movie. As long as a character is in tears, you prolly catch me in tears too. That's beside the point. The point is I am greatly affected by everyone's actions. I chose not to show it. But secretly, whenever I see the happier past, I am like "why did yall change?" "why can't yall remain good together?".

People change, things change. Some go with the flow, others get led by the nose. Do you see the irony? Idk how to end this entry. I am just so sick and tired of pretentious beings. Okay, bye.

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