Thursday, October 3, 2013

XPERIA by Sony Fashion TV Beach Festival

Celine and I
The Sony phone featured!

The ticket very chio hor! I like the wings concept. Prettaye!

I went for this event by FTV.. Quite an interesting experience I must say... My first Fashion event. Some more I get to see a 6k swimsuit. but a bit something wrong. imagine you pay 6k, you will wear to the beach meh? #justsaying... With le Meeeedeeeyaaa pass to the media area which was.... behind the stage? yeah. and I saw le host - Dawn Yang! pekpek like bai zhan ji liddat. hurhurhur.
Press pass! Innowayteeth. I like.

All you readers quite blessed. get to share my first with you all. (*^.^*) hehehehe.


After reaching Tanjong Beach, we headed to the event site. It was damn messy cause we were lost as to where do we head to for the meedeeya area and apparently we couldn't sit at the sofa sits cause we no marnee buy for those seats. ohwells. understood that they need to earn money but I would actually prefer if we could sit at the front? get a better and total view of everything. Or maybe cause its my first and this is where meedeeya are usually placed to sit. *shrugs* but the perks of sitting at the back is that we can get more of the backstage action which was quite exciting also la. haha. so, got good got bad. up to you to decide whether you prefer to look which of the point of view also. (but I still prefer the front. more... zhen ti view)

Show you all another chio photo of two of us.

I think this one got a bit of the nurse feel

The slit so high!!!!

She was cute when coming down the steps. The heels too high then the steps like not very stable also. hahah. she was balancing like mad and didn't fall. Quite zai.

Mah Favourite outfit. I dig casual.

this was the first show. was a bit stumped cause they weren't in their beekeeneeeeee! where are the beekeenees?! but then... after scrutinizing the  schedule, I was too anxious. Bikinis later.. hehehe. the design of the clothes are intriguing. Not the Valentino, Christian Dior uber high end kinda shizz for you but the design not bad. but... the pants the slit can higher... so high how to wear out?! my cellulites all can see lei if i wear. all these hot bod models can wear cause they skinnaye. (I think if my sister sees me talking about fashion like that, she will murder me. *waves* Hi Jo!)

And look who got thristaye and had some Naked. water. (ifonlyicanputemoticonshere...) This water is actually smooth. I know la. Which water not smooth? You drink and it goes down, done. But it tastes kinda different to me lei. Like, its nicer to drink or maybe I'm having product bias-ness because I saw the Artisan word on le bottle. (finally.. daily application to my learning from Consumer Behaviour....)

AND. what we have been waiting for!! BEEKEENEEESSSSSSSS! very pretty! some of the bikinis so chio! I will wear it, definitely.. and showing you the 6k$ swimsuit........

The $6,000 Swimsuit!!!!! Lemme know if you think this is worthy of $6,000.....

I won't wear cause 6k$ lei! wah lao. I think if I ever get the chance to buy, I will frame it up and showcase it. haha. cause the stummy too fat. I think the diamonds will drop off the swimsuit cause of the bursting fats. hahaha.Plus I think that $6,000 on a swimwear is definitely not my idea of spending.. but if I ever have too much money to spare... why not right? hehehehe

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