Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Oktober @ Azur Restaurant Changi Airport, Singapore


With October here and beer, where can one go and have a quiet girly girls night out with a bunch of awesome girlfriends, without any chance of having our boyfriends/husband (Chris Chung, 2nd from the righ, is married) finding us?

Here! At Azur Restaurant @ Singapore Changi Airport, you can! Currently, because its October, Oktoberfeast is available for brunch and dinner - every weekend from 20th Sept to 5th Oct 2013.

You can't really go wrong with meat, meat, more meat and beer. Forget that you might discover something new about your tummy the next day.

The chef above was slicing those delicious, juicy, mouth watering pork knuckles. I usually stay away from them but I couldnt help to try. Was so crispy, I had to, like, have more!

Fill me up, Buttercup.

Azur, located at Crowne Plaza Hotel @ Changi Airport, also offers Bavarian Inspired dishes such as eggs cocotte with bacon, goulaschsuppe with herb and garlie croutons. What an Oktoberfeast!

Alright and before you think this is all that they have up their sleeves, you are dead wrong. One can also consume Asian dishes like (my favourite) Dimsum, Sushi and even padadum.


Chinese can't do work without rice, can we?

The canto in me really really got to stop this Dimsum business.


And what's a buffet without angmoh food. Sausages, bacon, meat, potato, etc... my tummy just did a little dance while typing. Wish I could turn back time .

My date said the caramelized apple tasted delicious but it was a little too sweet for my liking. Perhaps, I am getting old. The only sweet things I can take are the romantic things laode does *smitten.

Nothing says seafood like fresh prawns, juicy scallops and chewy oysters. Too bad oldmantham doesnt take seafood. It could have been a deal breaker 'cause we dont share the same love for seafood and he may never peel a prawn for me ever if I didnt think "hey more for me!"

Of course, there has to be deserts! What a shrine. I can see unicorns, rainbows and glitter all over this photo.

Out of the entire shrine, oldmantham decided on these 4 to munch on. At this rate, he's gonna be crawling on the football field instead of running around. I might be able to get him the next time we are on the opposite team during dodgeball -insert evil plan(s)-.

So with him being old and all (not that old but I just like to tease him this way), I'd expect him to stay away from everything and anything sweet and sugary (except me). Instead we decided to spilt the assignment. I was already too full from the main so I had him try puddings and cake while I had ice cream, fruits and more cakes!

There was no way for me to not try the red velvet cupcake and apple crumble. My two favourite pastries. With this, I am completely sold. COMPLETELY SOLD. Even thinking about it now makes me.. crave. So lets go!

Oktoberfeast buffet prices for 28-29 Sep, 5-6 Oct:
Brunch - Adult $55++, Child $27.50++
Dinner - Adult $65++, Child $32.50++

Online reservations made on their website (link!) will be entitled to 15% off the total bill.

Azur is located in Crowne Plaza Changi Airport, level 2.

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