Sunday, November 10, 2013

Gone for too long


I know you miss my awesomeness and I will accept all denials. muahaha.

It has been a long while cause lao niang aka I has been very busy with my mid-semester tests, presentations, assignments and all that nonsense that school has it requirements of me. Pfft. I know I will miss my schooling life for sure but... having a kinda plan to look forward to is also eggciting y'know!

Life has its ups and downs. Had my fair bit of downs recently and it took a lot for me to actually take courage and admit that I'm actually at fault. (yes I know, me?! haha. ya la. I admitted I had fault la) So, it was quite a time of change and growing up for me. On a brighter note, I ish very proud of my test results although I wish it could be better... asiandad.jpeg to be inserted here. And SSL girls attended a few events that we have yet to share with you guys! ERMAGHERDDDDDD.

Stay tune. Read us. LOVE us. Share our rambles.

Signing off

P.S. I have a great deal on my next post. Like shopping, savings. WHAT'S THERE TO HATE?

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