Wednesday, September 11, 2013


After watching an anti racism awareness video from this <> website, I find it extremely inspiring that people are standing up against racism. Especially when the soldier stood up for the cashier. He is truly one to be respected. When you're placed in a situation where you are trying to recover from the loss of comrades on the battlefield and facing your enemies who have a different religion from you, it's difficult to remain neutral but ever easy to form biased judgements against them. However, yet he realizes the true meaning behind his fighting - peace and equality. (However, this does not represent my stand against the war with Syria as that is entirely two different matters.)

Racism can't never be done away with like how we can never do away with people who are quick to judge. Human nature tends to be quick to judge but not to understand. But then again, how many times can we understand before we are conformed by the circumstances that forces us to judge almost immediately. If we see someone acting shady and using the shadows as their cover, we immediately become alert of our belongings but what if he or she was just a shy individual? However, the fact that we all just want to play safe and place ourselves first mean racism can never go away. In fact, many other selfish behaviors that arise from this will never go away and humanity can never attain peace completely. 

This entry is just how I feel about racism briefly.... Earnestly, I pray that we can do away with racism eventually because we are all equal beings and colors are not meant to be used for discrimination and in my belief, Christianity, God did not give us colors as a mean to judge and discriminate. If so, then we would not be just brown, yellow or white. I believe there would be so much more. 

And yes, I will stop procrastinating about my make up entry but I just felt that this is so much more important..

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