Friday, September 20, 2013

The other day at MBS Skypark

Singapore look so pretty from way up here. Everything looks like a scene from Sims. Almost like I can uproot and shift it around anywhere I like. View is so breathtaking I of course got to snap snap snap!

Spot the floating platform!

ArtScience Museum looks like a giant claw.



SG Flyer and East of +65.

Clear blue sky.

Marina Bay - Gardens by the bay.



Big thank you and warm kisses to my cousin, Ernest for hooking us up on his off day and using his staff card for a whopping 25% discount. I think we paid like 12$ each for finger food and beer. What up.

Cousins and siblings. Missing 2 girls who are taking their Os this year. Good luck, sweeties.

Brosters for life, yo. Thanks for watching me grow and taking money from me every month ever since I started working. I know yall never ask for it but as the eldest how can I watch y'all broke before end of the month and not lend a hand? Thank you for still calling me "Jie" even though y'all are big boys now and most of our peers have started calling their siblings by their names. Don't y'all ever change. I love y'all the way y'all are.

Ending this entry abruptly - fat boy is fat. Look at his face!

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