Thursday, September 19, 2013

1 world music festival cancelled 2 days before event. THE FUCK IS WRONG?

So annoyed. So so so annoyed. Who the fuck does contests, builds up the hype and have people forgoing Hardwell and F1 gigs just so that they can fucking cancel the music festival 2 days before the event? Sickos. People who are fucked in their brains.

I know its not easy on the organisers as well. All the refunds they got to do, the PR they got to do to keep everyone calm, and the fact that they will get boycotted for future events they (an Australian company) plan to organise in +65. I reckon its not something they expect to happen. However, the masses are not as understanding, especially those who are flying down to catch 60 acts in 2 days.

Okay, I didnt count if there are 60 acts but a source was telling me that out of 60 acts, only 31 were confirmed. I am guessing out of the 31 confirmed, 28 of them are local acts.

Here, from Iggy Azalea's twitter, I gathered that she was one of the few acts who were pending and only agreed to perform after 17th Sept. Heng, she havent flew to Singapore and why couldnt the organisers explain to her?! Something smells fishy.

Then, I got bored and decided to google twitter accounts of whom I wanted to check out. The last time I saw Cobra Starship was at the first Singfest and I am very ready to watch them live again. But, they didnt mention anything about coming to Singapore on twitter. I wonder if Moby is here already. Hmm...

And, there were some licensing issues and tickets sales quota not met. Around 4k tickets were unsold, I heard. Seriously, you place your events to clash with F1 and Hardwell, and expect it to be sold out event? WHO CAN GIVE UP WATCHING RIHANNA AND JUSTIN BIEBER FOR SNOOP DOG/LION OR SEZAILI SEZARI? Right, now I am just making fun. Ha ha, I am so funny. Justin Bieber.

In all honesty thou, I am not pissed at all. I got the tickets for free and am packed to the brim for this weekend. I was so worried about my schedule; first YEC meeting, dodgeball, International Deaf Day, food tasting plus I still got classes to teach. I can't wait to breathe after Sign Language exam happening in a few hours. You do know that this is me trying to update you with my life so that I dont sound like I have nothing to do yet I dont update this space. Well, I know I fail.

There are some updates of course but meanwhile, here is a photo of how I look like now:

Very auntie-like, I know. I got that bruise from dodgeball the other day. It expanded to the size of my fist now. Clumsy toad is me.

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