Thursday, September 26, 2013

Make Up & Dress Up

I love rummaging through make up and just messing around with all the pretty pretty colours. Sighs. But for some reason I just can't perfect my techniques. Think I should attend a class or maybe just practice more often. And yes, I hate removing make up also. Like after one whole day of being out or a crazy night of partying, removing make up half drunk is insane. Especially eye make up...... The test of concentration sia.

Anyways! That's not the point. The point of this entry is that! I went for the Sephora's Grand Opening of its Suntec City outlet. That is a haven for make up, skincare and perfume! I like getting lost in Sephora but I will feel paisei (embarrassed) if  I don't buy anything. Lol.

So this was the crowd present and this wasn't even full force. IMAGINE THE CROWD.

Very cleverly... Get Nailed and then there is a nail BAR literally infront of it. Very well played....

                                            Free Manicure~ *inserts smiley with heart eyes*
The yummilicious drinks! I suspect its skittles that they add to give the gorgeous colours!

                                      Fragrances at the fragrance counter. So nice smelling~ And there was free                                                                       engraving services.
           They have these really artistic posters surrounding the event area. Quite interesting this one.
                                              Benefit counter. Free make up~ Why not?
                                                    Make Up For Ever.
                                   Lady Jayne and Clip on Extensions. How clever is that???

      And there were this weird dancers coming out and giving out freebies. I understand the freebies but I didn't really understand the concept. Like it totally didn't match the theme or maybe I misunderstood the theme?

                                             The pretty black and white big block letters.

                                 It was a star-studded event! Famous famous faces you can see there.

                                                                   Oh! Hello there.
(And I got photobombed taking a selfie. She seems quite happy being in the frame eh.... Meh.)

AND WHAT I LOVE BEST! DIGGING UP THE BOX! All the nice nice things inside. And its freeeeee~~ <3


                   Nice photo by the photography stand over there. And look at the contents! So many~ Me likey~~
 Make Up School from Make Up For Ever has their list of lesson menu. Looks pretty good actually. All the different things you can learn from their services. Plus its one to one personalized lessons. So you don't hafta worry about the make up tips being to general.

 Benefit, sounding like a Singaporean. The Porefessional. Lol. I can totally imagine my law lecturer saying it in the Singapore Accent that he absolutely hates because he thinks we pronounce some words too lazily. But I love how the box opens up into the two pretty sachets - One for face and one for eyes.

                          Clinique 3 Steps! Cleanse, Tone and Moisturize. The colors look so youthful.
                              Very nicely, you clean your face with this mild soap that is given.
 &then you tone. A lot of people have a misconception that toning is an extra, unnecessary step. What it actually does is that it double cleanse your face, whatever residue that is left after cleaning. Trust me, toning really is good. Close your pores up and make sure it's clean.
NEVER EVER SKIP MOISTURIZING. Especially hydration. Why? Because in a humid country, you will be losing more water than you imagine. Also, for you office workers, you are in an environment that dries your skin up so so much. Moisturizing locks in the moisture and supplements more to keep your skin supple and soft. So remember okay! Don't say I never tell you.
                                           Le Lancôme. I like the color cause it looks classy.
I initially thought that this purple tube was a tube of skin care til I saw one of the label that said shade 02. Then I realized its something similar like a BB cream. Interesting....
Genifique. One of the many top favorites in skin care. This bottle of essence apparently helps to give you more smoother and brighter skin in 7 days! If you're looking for intense treatment, you should use essence. Essence is something that penetrates DEEP into your skin layers and heal from within. Hehehe jealous I get to try? *smirk*

Teehee! Make up. Hehehehehhehe
Primer. I currently have a primer that is from laneige that is super awesome. But I have this sachet to try. HD primer lei. But please don't enhance my pimples and scars. Lol
Eye makeup remover for waterproof makeup. The texture looks like the milky milky kind of face makeup remover. I forgot the name for it, for now........ Think imma try it. The color reminds me of the blue coral bubble tea. Lol.

Oh hello there pretty bag although skull is not really my thing, but I think the color combination and layout is interesting. This is by urban decay.
There are 4 items in this little roomy pouch. (You must be thinking why no up close?! Cause I got lazy la. I admit. Lol) Anyways, starting from top left, the primer potion. This was highly raved by my good friend. She says its super awesome for people who apply eyeshadow for a long long time and very smooth application. Next on the top right, it's the make up mist. Apparently reviews say it helps in controlling the oil and allows the make up to stay very long lasting. I think that will be good for oily face me. Then bottom right is a beauty balm....... I still have no idea but I will dig into that one nonetheless. Lol and lastly, eyeliner! I like the size cause its small and portable. Good for bringing overseas or even just for outings.
And this is clip on hair extensions by lady Jayne. I like it cause its very easy to clip on and very sturdy. Heh. I had cheap thrill trolling my mum that I lost a bunch of hair and her shock face was classic. Lol.

In this bag, we have a Versace Eros and a Lolita. Have yet to try out the scents and of course, male one for my Boyf. Lol



And in this bag, a parfum edition of the Lolita and a brand that is a first time for me. A cologne. The packaging is intriguing and I'm very keen on letting my Boyf try this one out. 

So all in all, I enjoyed myself definitely. It was a good event actually. I love my goodie box! I will be posting videos of me trying out the products definitely. I think it's better if you see it with commentary. Words can only paint so much of a picture isn't? 

That's all for now folks! 

Signing off,

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