Saturday, September 25, 2010

Throughout love

On the topic of my past, I decided to dish out every single detail. Today, I touch on love. I had my first boyfriend when I was 13. He was from my primary school, a very patient guy and devoted alot of his time to me yet because I was selfish, I dump him for the eurasian kid in my class. We had a misunderstanding and broke up and only managed to cleared the air 4 years later.

Then, I dated my first boyfriend's best friend. That scene was uncalled for, I know. I dumped him because he was overly sensitive. Next, I was with my first boyfriend's rugby teammate who was also from my primary school.

Friendster became in and experienced my first internet love. I got bored of him later on because our dates consist of only movies and dinners. I remember liking the fact that he loves watching American Next Top Model too. But we didnt work out.

I've know the next guy for quite some time and we hung. I used to have a crush on his cousin during secondary school. This guy saved me from dogs once and I am eternally grateful to him but I knew he had a crush on this girl from school. One day, he decided to text me because my crush's brother (also his cousin, la) told him to go for it.

We applied for NAFA together but broke up after that. When school started, we got back together again but broke up…again. Long story and I really dont know how to summarize it. If you really want to me, leave a comment. If theres just one person asking for the story, I'd blog about it. To me, so far, its the only story worth listening to whole. It consist of me being really retarded, selfish, over sensitive, childish all at one go.

Couldnt get over him till angmoh came along. He was an exchange student and we met in the club. Obviously didnt work out.

My cousin invited me to his poly chalet and I met this pinoy dude. I left him for another guy after 6 months. J is another story worth hearing. I went to get his number and he was a model. We just stop talking.

Went out with this mat moto, was quite happy because face it, transport is a bonus point but then Koh appeared and save me from all these stupidness. In between, I also date other not worth mentioning boys. Either I forget their names or totally dont remember it happening. I also realise some part doesnt make sense. You have to draw your own picture.

Anyway, this is the summary of the summary of my love path. Some of these stories are longer, naggy-er and more exciting. Maybe one day, I'd post a picture of them and tell the story. But for now, 5 more hours till Koh books out !!

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