Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Best Foe Forever

What makes a best friend? What makes a friend in need, a friend indeed? What turn that someone into a best friend? What? What? What?

In my perception, I believe that a best friend is someone who you can pour your hearts to, someone you know will stand up for you, someone you know that will be there in times of need and was actually there, someone whom you call in the middle of the night randomly and will not get piss at you, someone who secretly can read your mind, someone you can trust, someone whose mind you can secretly read, someone who doesn't judge you, someone who you can turn to, someone who not afraid to tell you things, someone you know very well.

I have a couple of best friends. I name them The Listener, The Wakeup Caller and The Know What To Say.

I've known Aisah since I was 13. We were in the same class and took the bus together to school every single morning of our secondary school lives. Had the same CCA and of course, our arguments never last more than 24 hours. Wait, only once, it lasted for 3 days. She is the "when I just want to talk and not listen to anything" aka the Listener. Maybe because I am more talkative than she is, she tends to listen to my sorrows and only input her two cents worth when it comes to bitching. Or maybe just because she got no advice to give. I count on her to listen to me whine about life and all that jazz. Aisah gives me the best nod ever. When she tells me her 'adventures', I do not judge her and as a friend, I give her best suited advice but it is all up to her on what she wants to do.

Recently, I've met another Listener. He is Abraham Christopher.

Sure he does give me a little advice here and there because let's face it, we girls sometimes cannot decipher another man's mind. But ultimately, he is there whenever I need someone to talk to. Abraham is like the gay man of the all girls group. Someone you can go naked in front of and he won't touch.

Then, I have Cheryl.

She is the "when I want to hear what I want to hear, I will call the one who I know will say what I want to hear without planning 'Eh you say that after I tell you this ah' aka the Know What To Say. Sometimes also double up as the Wakeup Call but mostly Know What To Say. Maybe because we crystal ball so we know how to cheer each other up. Okay, I mostly do it another way. Like laugh at her so she know her life suck, she got to do something about it to get back on track. She is not my happy pill. I just do it differently to her 'cause I think she cannot sweet talk one. She very soft hearted… like the lady with 20 cats.

My best friend of all time is.. jengjengjeng, Intan Prawesti Suprapto.

We met on the bus. She is the "when I want the cold hard wake up call, you give it to me" aka The Wakeup Call. Although, she is harsh, I love her very much. I realize she is the one after that 3am call I made to her and found her under the table, crying. She is like Blair Waldorf, act very strong but actually she has a chuck size cloud over her head. Intan's very straightforward and direct and I must say, her words make you go back and think about it. Sometimes, a cold hard tight slap on your face that you no choice have to wake up because life is not about unicorns and rainbows.

I added another name to that list.

Meet Nicole Lin. She is the 'when you need someone who went through the same experience and will tell you what to do next' aka The Experience. I am like her past and she is my future. My new found someone to confide to at ungodly hours.

Youtube boyfriend. One thing good about the Internet. There is so little things you know about a person that you can fall in love without getting your heart broken. Oh Charlie Mcdonnell, you are the Chuck Bass to Blair Waldorf, the cheese to my Alfredo.


Nicole Lin said...

i didnt know your blog post meant this one.
AND THAT'S MY FAVE PIC HEHEH I look adorable in tht.


See u LATER!!!

Robotgranny said...

i realise i spelt confide as confind. edited it already and yes you unicorn w a bow on the head!

C NI!!