Friday, September 3, 2010

Online Shopping? Meh.

Not a paid advert.

I don't know about you but I personally feel that it is a hassle to shop online. And that is only because I often misplace my iBanking device and finding it only after the spree closes. I eventually gave up online shopping also because of the wait and I don't know when will it arrive at my doorstep.

Then, jengjengjeng, along came Mojoavenue! It is set up by my best friend of 14 years and his sister. They started off by selling handmade rings at flea markets and because sales and response were good, they took the next step into the WWW. Now, they also bring in clothes. So not exactly your typical LiveJournal/Blogger online website for they took a different route. Like a marketing person, they market their products and survey the market before launching yet-another blogshop. You might have guess it but what I am trying to say it: THEY KNOW WHAT YOU ARE THINKING.

Mojoavenue concentrates on bringing you rings that are entirely unique and outstanding. Its not bold nor too loud but its just nice and you know you want it.

Its never seen before and still you know you want it.

These rings captures your eyes right? Well, guess what, it will captures the eye of others too.

If your ring happen to go through any mishaps and it couldn't survive, have no fear Mojoavenue is here. Send it back and they will fix it. However, so far nothing bad happened but providing you this service means they are not afraid. Muahahaha.

Oh look, tea cup!

They bring in dresses and t-shirts. These are the two I want to get from them but I dont have the time to go down for fitting because I am not a one size fits all person :((

Hey look, buttons. So you can see, it is really a one shop hub. Now, here's the best part. They do international shipping as well and …. my readers get a special discount. Not telling you how great the discount is so free feel to email them! Visit them at Mojoavenue now.

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Shiloh Ayn said...

What a cute site!! I love it. I tracked you down from the Swap-Bot site and was wondering if you were planing on doing a tote swap #3 or if I can take over for you. I really loved sending mine out. Please let me know and check out my blog CupCakes Have Feelings Too. Thanks hope to hear from you soon.