Friday, September 24, 2010

Same old, sane old.

Along the way, we learn from our mistakes. Since I don't have tons of self shots to upload every blog post, I decided not to spare you the agony of my past. In fact, I've always been open and often enough, share too much. I am not ashamed, fyi.

So I was a MySpace Kid. Most of my social circle comes from the Internet. Often enough, I always see them in moshpits and that is where I get all my bruises from. People that I meet from MySpace turn out to be pretty awesome people such as Izzy, Erin, Yaz, Sofie, Fina, Jak, Faisal, etc. Koh gets amazed all the time when I say: She/He was my MySpace friend.

Seeing that, you can roughly guess what was my name on MySpace.

I was Coin Operated Doll later, Half-Face Maryline and lastly, Robotgranny (Intan came up with that). We always having to run/walk fast whenever we spotted someone spotting us. We are not unfriendly but I think we want to avoid the whole: "Do you remember me? I am so-and-so from MySpace,. You are Coin Operated Doll/Monkey ate the boy right?" Intan was OMG The Monkey Ate The Boy.

Maryline was created by Shawn Hong when I told him I don't want people to know my real name because it is the Internet afterall. I was all like I think everyone on MySpace should know me as Mary and he came out with Maryline; a mixture of Mary and Celine.

MySpace has this "Top Friends" thingy and some who have me as their top friends do not know I am actually not Maryline.

Like all other MySpace kids, I have my own 'crew'. Its a super long story on how it started, what happened along the way and how we had no time for saturday hangouts. But we are all still friends and every now and then, we crack old jokes. SUDDEN SHIELD?!?!?! CICAK?!?!?!

And back then, I was smaller. I really don't know how I've gotten to the size I am today but looking back, I sure want my figure back.

That what when I met Cheryl Fong. These are the first two photos we took together. It was BayBeats 2006, I think and coincidently, we wore something similar without discussion. We decided we were twins based on that. Besides, we same size. Skali now she skinny then I fat. Later on, we discovered we are actually crystal balls.

And I've got disturbing photos. That is Intan's sister's bra and I am Miss UniBra (nothing to do with Abraham). If I am not wrong, I cannot fit into that t-shirt anymore =[ BUT I STILL LOOK PRETTY!

I transformed from MySpace kiddo to a slut. Again, I really dont know what happen but look at me now! *major sad now.

One thing that havent change is my love for her, Intan Prawesti Suprapto.

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