Monday, March 1, 2010

Your hair falls in place and catches the eye of another

A night, a night no different from any other. Except the company. The outdoor company was indeed different. There was no saying how was it different but the future showed it.

One guy showed up with a sense different from other. He wasn't smartly dressed nor smelled exceptionally nicer nor was he the cream of the crop. There was a halo. A halo so bright, so round, so serene.

There were definitely more nouns/adverbs used to describe him yet the shy smile he had on blew half of my soul away. He was all I could look at, all I could smell, all I could hear, all I could feel. Never mind that unique visible scar of his on his upper lips. I wasn't at all curious of how he got that. I wanted to know, though, is how warm will his hugs be, how tender his lips might feel and if he felt the same way too.

In less than 2 weeks, I was asked out by him. I ditched a gay party, ditched my closest friends just to see him again and to get the same feeling I felt that day.

I never regret. Happy 6th month, Koh.

Everyday, I still want to know how warm his hug will be, how tender his lips are and if he feels the same way too. This, I am afraid, will never change. He is still the handsome young man I met then, with the same old scar and halo above his head. He is my love; my boyfriend. He is my Marshall; my Lily.

p/s: I knew his body temperature will fit nicely into mine just like his hands into mine.

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