Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dont we all?

I miss those days that I sit on my dad's lap and he rock me to sleep. Those days where I can still be fed by my dad and no one to judge me. Those days I talk to my dad all the time, wait for him to get back home and hates it when he leaves the country for work. Those days where I can't sleep and he will drive me around in his car 'cause I get knock out on moving vehicles.

These days I just wish I can have a normal decent chat with my dad, the man who kept it all strong. Nothing about family affairs, nothing about cash in bank/hand, nothing about school. More on food, society and his job. I have no idea what is his job like or rather, what he do till today though we talked about it a couple of times.

We used to be able to talk at home during a tv show. I grew outta tv and is seldom home. When we are able to sit down and chat, it happens only under the block or when we are waiting for the rest of the people to arrive. When we are able to sit down and chat, we talk about his wife/my mum, his son/my brother, his job/my school.

My dad is the coolest dad anyone can ever have. The one who upped my pocket money randomly and the one who support me in whatever I do. When everyone was against me going NAFA, he showed so much support and even told his sister that he is my father and I am his daughter, she is not to interfere. When I quit NAFA, again, he was the only one who showed too much support, never calculate the money I wasted on NAFA and paid for SMa.

I am the most expensive daughter. My pocket money per month is close to a thousand and I cannot make a decent conversation with my dad now. I love my dad and I cannot express it. If my dad were to go, I think I'd go too.

If Apple created a 'daughter' like me, I'd be called "iSuck" (no pun intended).

my dad came into my room moments ago to have a chat. I was busy and he walked out my room, saying " you talk to me like kena force". FML

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