Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dream a lil dream of me

Picture this. Dreaming of Jal (from Skins) being bombed alive in a school compound. It was a carnival. Nigel Pek was there. He had an walkie with him. Melvin Sim and I tried so badly to contact his walkie for 3 days. He was alive all the time and heard all our pleas, crying thru the little communication device but he refuse to reply us back.

At home, my mum gave birth to another boy. Everyone had to take a number before they could take a picture with him. Everyone knows a baby takes 1 year to learn how to walk and it must first start crawling. However, the little one I was carrying went to open the door for Nigel Pek who decided to rise from the dead and surprise the shit outta Melvin Sim and I.

Nigel Pek continued to tell us how he survived the bomb but Jal is gone for good. Did I mention, he's dating Jamal but he is not at all upset that his gf died?


Somehow, with Nigel Pek relating his story, I started to wonder where is Koh, why is he not back yet.


Next thing I know, I woke up to check my phone for any SMS or miss calls from Koh, saying that he will be home late.

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