Wednesday, March 17, 2010

kids say the darnest things!

On the topic of where do babies come from, here's an interesting conversation between Nigel and I. Mind you, Nigel Ng is only turning 9 on March 28th.

Me: Girl ah (thats my nickname for him), what do you learn in school now?
Nigel: Maths, English, Chinese, Science.
Me: Science? What topic?
Nigel: Living and non-living things lor.
Me: Then, I ask you ah. Where do babies come from?
Nigel: When a person eat too much lor. Then the stomach become fat then the baby will come out.
Me: (giggles) Then when your baby coming out?
Nigel: (LOL) No la. I cannot bring the baby out. Only girl girl can.

The 8 coming 9 year old boy

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