Thursday, January 7, 2010

Introducing introduction introduce

I think I must be excited to finally have a sense of space of writing (typing, really) hence, the multiple amount of entries in a night.

This entry, I proudly show you the picture of the love of my life; Eugene Koh. The pillar of strength, love, power and support. Ya, its our humble love nest built in his parents' house where its my comfort zone for laughters, tears, fun and entertainment. I am talking to him in buying/getting me a girlie xbox game. All he has are violent boy games that involves killing.

Sometimes, I wake up and wonder if its all a dream. That he is a dream.

I feel like eating kway chap now. I know I want Duck Noodles for lunch. I've been craving for it since the afternoon of 6th Jan 10. I have to wait for dad to be up.

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