Thursday, January 14, 2010

Calsberg before Thriller makes me feel like dancing

Last saturday, I saw the biggest shark fin of my life. No joke. I got invited to the Annual Carlsberg Staff Dinner by Eugene's parents. We had non stop refill of beer and a full belly at the end of the dinner. Still, had the energy to meet Cher, Aza for Thriller. First Thriller for us and its the first Thriller of the year. Bumped into Adam, Jolene (Nong time noo c!) and a couple of others.

Enjoy the flood of photos and don't be jealous. Carlsberg, I'm willing to do an adv for y'all for a year supply of beer.

We tried to hide our shark fin but you still can see it!

Eugene trying to get the huge shark fin out from his soup.

Huge right? We had like a pot of shark fin soup each. (Thanks, Carlsberg!)

Thats like a small portion of lobster because the actual thing is big as well.

Cedric very happy with his lobster

Eugene too!

My done-d lobster and abalone w vegetables

Food that I'd give up and give Eugene

Our door gift and lucky draw number.
Yes, door gift is an angbao w real cash inside. Very good deal.


Jolene and I had matching nail colour!

I r misses Adam's mac and cheese =[


I had to like adjust my dress every second. Fml.

Cher says this is our fuckfaces -.-'

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