Saturday, January 9, 2010

I havent slept since 6pm

Suddenly, I dont know what to write here anymore.

I had a talk to JJ just now (after so long) and I felt so good to just talk to him. I know I can trust him. Rashmi is coming back today and I hope I can gather all the energy in me to ride to Changi Airport. I am already changing my phone.

I am gonna have a long day today. Carlsberg dinner w The Kohs + Cedric and first Thriller of the year. Yes, just two items yet its gonna be a long day. Note, I havent slept.

Should really start on my damn homework before I start dancing the night away (how can you not prance around to electro?! Fuck you, R&B.) at Butter. The first time I am gonna use my Fash Card in 2010! Actually, first time overall 'cause I always request guestlist from A or I -.-'

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