Thursday, January 14, 2010

I havent blog abt my new year!

My last day of 2009 cum first day of 2010 consist of me having fan girl moments, bumping into some that I havent see enough in 2009, Calsberg and Fireworks. Yes, for the second time in my life, I sat and watch fireworks. This time, I never listen to any music. Okay, I tried too but I was too late and my Bloodybeetroots wasnt as loud as The Click Five.

My stupid boy's stupid face.
Fan girl moment #1 - Pornsak.
There were GI girls at the VIP area.
Paparazzi shot
Vote M32

Fan girl moment #2 - Jade Seah
Fan girl moment #3 - DAI YANG TIAN.
I look like a fishball. And Eugene won't stop going at it. Damnit.
Thanks, Calsberg!

I would say "fan girl moment #4 " if she's not once my classmate.

Jared \m/


Happy New Year!

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