Friday, December 23, 2011

You kidding me

Honestly, I havent been angry for a very long time. Angry to the extend I find the need to bitch about it here. Mostly also because I am trying hard not to hurt anyone's feelings. But this someone needs a damn wake up call.

Firstly, please PLEASE dont be so needy and clingy. No body likes someone who is not independent. If I need someone who depends on me, I dont know how to pop babies out is it? As a Gemini, I crave for attention ALL THE TIME but not to everyone/anyone who is beside me. Good God, are you a sibling of Aaron Tan?

Secondly, I KNOW ITS THE ERA WHERE NO ONE CAN FUCKING LIVE WITHOUT TECH. BUT SERIOUSLY! There are times where we need to fucking give and fucking take. Especially when its your own fucking fault. Dont make things difficult for the living people around you. THE WORLD DOES NOT SPIN AROUND YOU. If want also spin around me okay.

Thirdly, no human being in that group personally invited any other human beings. In fact, it was an open invitation. We voiced our interest, we got the invite. You were not even saying anything and how dare you ask " WHY NEVER INVITE YOU" COME THE FUCK ON! ARE YOU THE FUCKING QUEEN OF ENGLAND NOW?

Forth, I feel everyone felt obliged to head to your birthday. WHO EATS VEGETARIAN? I SHUN VEGETARIANS LIKE THEY ARE SNOWBALLS ROLLING AT ME. I self invited myself only because I want to meet up with the rest. I had NO INTENTION WHATSOEVER to buy you a gift or to even say happy birthday. Before you even DM-ed me, I was telling Koh that I am gonna bail without telling anyone cause I lazy already. I hope you sense the sarcasm in me everytime you tweet me. So please dont think highly of yourself that everyone wants to attend your damn birthday and you had no choice but to limit the number of people. Cause deep down, you fucking hell know how unpopular you are.

I am so piss right now I wanna tear my pillow into half. THIS KINDA OF PEOPLE CAN EXIST IN THIS WORLD LEH. CAN YOU FUCKING BELIEVE IT? I mean okay la all kind of people fucking exist but how come I so fucking suay to know one such person??? Tmr I gonna pray to Guan Ying Ma to save me.

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