Friday, December 30, 2011

Imbecile Little Fuck

Dear Jaslyn88 of,

This must come to an end only because I feel that you are in putting yourself in a spot by going against me and gossiping about me to people that I dont even know exist.

You may say that I dont know you who am I to judge. Let me just show you something:

Yes I dont give any fucking flying fucks about you. Everything you say or do just tickles my funny bone and it allows me to see how shallow you really are. Not forgetting the low self esteem you carry on yourself.

Honestly, I really dont care what you think about me also because none of it is true. What flirt, what qiao are all your one sided thinking. I reckon your hatred for me is also one sided. I dont go around asking people where they going and if I am there, you are not gonna be there. I dont care if you are there or not. Besides most of the time, you are not invited. Sorry.

For the love of the man upstairs, I really dont give a shit. You can seek all the attention you want but none of mine will be given to you and I doubt anyone else has seriously given you the attention you secretly crave for.

Lastly, congrats on reading my blog and tweeting all the comments. I will like to give you credit for that. And of course, on you getting your HR CERT. Cert, and you damn happy already. You are really one weird person. Please grow one (brain) and dont just be contented at the basics of studies. In Singapore, paper is very important.

Yup, this last picture is for me to you for you to end this drama. Although I am very much enjoying myself watching you making a fool outta yourself.

If you dont understand my english, please drop me an email. If you will like to diss my education, please read next entry. I will post my transcript for you to envy and admire.

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