Friday, December 30, 2011


I dont usually talk about my education level here and what have I achieved so far. However, I suddenly feel the need to share this. Feel free to click to enlarge.

Given to my family background and my own personal goals, this certificate barely meets anything in my life. I always imagine myself to study till I die but I do not wish to burden my father. But, I am job hopping like mad so I think I need to seriously think about going back to school and staying there till I die. Collecting certs like mad.

Still, I was very elated to receive my transcript with so many flying colours. Despite the fact that my grandma ng pass away during my last semester's papers and I couldnt really study, I didnt have to repeat any modules. Although a credit and a pass wasnt what I asked for (and it truly destroyed the transcript), I am glad I got through the diploma.

I think if you have the desire, you can really do anything in life.

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