Friday, July 1, 2011

9th July

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Hey guys, remember I was talking about Elson Soh a few days back? Well, I just found out that he has a concert coming up on the 9th of July and it’s going to be held at the MAX Pavilion. Like really? I thought only the best of the best get to perform in there. He must command some kind of media control.

So I googled Elson Soh The Final Showcase Concert and I wound up at the Royal International Website. Went to to check it out and found out that PAssion cardholders get a 30% discount off tickets! It’s not a bad deal actually come to think of it. And the concert is on a Saturday! I can get my significant other to go for dinner with me and then watch the concert together.

The Royal Artistes seem to be quite a hit too. Tried searching for them on Youtube and found their video at some Charity concert. They don’t sound too bad actually. I mean, everyone can go for that concert!! It branches out to the Malays, the English speaking and the Mandarin speaking too!

I was just flipping through Teenage Magazine and I found an exclusive story of Elson Soh. He is EVERYWHERE!! Everywhere I turn, I will see that guy in a blue jacket with a cool beckoning gesture complete with the words THE FINAL SHOWCASE 2011.

What is it that the English speaking counterparts in our country have against local talent anyway? I’d say we go support this young wannabe and see what he’s made of. =)

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