Sunday, June 19, 2011

E is for

Hey, have you heard
that a new local artiste is in town?! His name is Elson Soh (click on link to his blog!) and honestly I
think that his songs are not too bad for a Singaporean. Apparently he sings in
3 of the nation’s languages, English, Mandarin and Bahasa Melayu. It is
amazing! I doubt any artiste has done that before. He is pretty talented
considering that he knows how to play the piano, the cello and the drums!! I
honestly never really supported local music until I heard his compositions and
found that it was rather easy-listening, making me want to listen to it over
and over again.

I dont know about you but I never like chinese songs or chinese singers (just because I rarely know they exist). However, Elson sound like Jay Chou to me to a certain extent.

True enough, he isn’t
exactly Wang Lee Hom or JJ Lin material but still it seems like he is set to be
the next big thing here in Singapore! One thing about local talent is that it
does not allow newcomers to come in easily and those who have shot to stardom,
like Stefanie Sun, JJ Lin and Tanya Chua seem to have lesser exposure after
bursting out into the local music scene like a firework.

Hmm, one thing about
Elson is that he has this rather cute image which does reach out to a lot of
people. It’s like different phases in life. As he grows older, the images seem

Can you imagine all
the sponsorships he’s been getting? And what’s with him being an ambassador of
all those brands?! It’s so cool! House of Mini too!! Now I’m hungry. Wonder if
there are discounts if I mention his name; and I heard that they are selling
the CDs at a major discount too. Hehehe.

Maybe these boy talk is all because I am newly single. Weirdly, I never really take a second glance at a chinese dude before.. unless he mixed blood or already my friend since longgg time ago. Im off to put his songs on repeat. You can take a listen to them at his blog. Again, heres the link:

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