Thursday, July 7, 2011

How people work

I dont get how this person, lets call it "A", can preach to anyone about virginity, loving thyself, etc etc when in the end, A is 10 fold worse than me. Its not like A was like that and A came from a place where A is obliged to lead me to the right path. Its like having Jesus slipping tea with me, constantly reminding me of how He died for my sins and here I am, doing sins.

That didnt make any sense but you get my 411.

In anyone's life, there is definitely one such annoying person. This is the mean reason why I cannot stand people of my own religion. Always trying to convert people, always speaking so highly of themselves.

Back to A. So A was one of the annoying people telling me I should love myself more, not have sex, lessen on clubbing. A detested clubbing or anything nightlife related especially smoking.

Despite the fact that A is not on my fb, I managed to stalk A. Oh the woes of social networking. As per Jolene, one day, breakups are silent. There will be no Buts, no Whys. Just a change of relationship status on fb and it means its over.

Little background story is, I found out that A lost virginity even before I do yet can still open eye big big stare at my face and say I stupid. I didnt love Christ, I sin.

Well, a few years down the road, thru fb, I also figure out that A turned gay, started smoking and A photos consist of the nightlife. Ironic and contracting, much? How much Christ does A really have in A? How does one determine how much Christ one has? How do you sin but feel like you didnt sin and still can go around preaching to me?

Life is funny, afterall.

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