Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Like a plastic bag

Often enough, I feel the need to blog but there is always a lack of descriptive words running in my head. I tend to give up, trying hence making this space a rant space.

It was supposed to document my every day life or rather, for the lack of better words, my more exciting days. Today, does not happen to be one of those days but I dont want to lose any readers so HELLO GOOD MORNING!

Im back with Koh because we are not good at being friends at all. Just like Marshall and Lily. Its not that we fight more often but there is still butterflies in my stomach despite having disputes and being together for so long.

Almost like as though we were still 20, holding hands for the first time.

I may stray very often but as long as I know Koh is there, I know I am home.

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