Friday, April 30, 2010

More than wordsth

Exactly 8 months ago, you were angry at me. You sent me an angry text saying something about if I am not sure, I should just tell you. I don't know how we came about having you say that but the first thought that came to my mind was I don't want anything between us to end.

Off I went to get our favourite frozen yogurt, filled with your favourite toppings. I met you outside your place and you were surprise. Mission accomplished I thought. Little did I expect you to 'pop' the question. 29 days after our first date, our dating phase ended.

8 months later, I still feel the same. I dont want anything between us to end. I want to hold your hand, hug you to sleep, shower you with kisses and grow old with you. We have our ups and downs and loving you is not easy. Actually, its hard to be your girlfriend with all the other double ups I got to be. However, we pull through.

Happy 8th months and counting, love. What can I do without you and your love?

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