Sunday, April 18, 2010

Have you heard about Post-it® Super Sticky Notes?

Hi, welcome to superstickylabels dot blogspot dot com. I am of no relation of the latest addition of the Post-it® Brand family called the Post-it® Super Sticky Notes.
But I have to say I am very impress by this product.

Remember how Post-it® Brand are very important to us when we were younger? How we use these flags to help us mark, tab and point where are the major points of a chapter/topic or hints the teacher gave us?
Now, we have it 2-in-1! Not wanting to carry a pencil box because its not in style anymore or because it adds on extra weight to the already heavy bag? Have no fear, Post-it® Flag+ Writing instrument is here!
Post-it® Flag+ Marker
Post-it® Flag+ Pen
Post-it® Flag+ Highlighter

When we were younger, at the mention of Post-it® Brand, we immediately will think of this:

Post-it® Note

The exact same colour and size but now, look at the growth of the company with all their products!
My favourite product has to be the Post-it® Super Sticky Notes. The Post-it® Note arent very lasting and after a short period of time, the ends of the paper will roll up. I decided to experiment on the Post-it® Super Sticky Notes. I started this entry at 5.45pm and its now 7pm.


Meet before.

Now, after.

Maybe pictures do not paint a thousand word afterall or maybe its just my phone's camera not that great but there is not even the slightest difference.
Post-it® Super Sticky Notes comes in a few different shapes and sizes as well.

Here's the fun part, contest going on at! As Post-it® Brand celebrates 30 years of colour and fun, they love to hear and see the most creative and original use of Post-it® Super Sticky Notes. Just upload a video or a photograph of how you use it!

This is how I use it.
To tell Koh that I'd be out for abit, don't panic and I love him.

So have you use Post-it®Brand today?


Jennifer said...

Haha! You are too cute. I use sticky notes all the time at work. They are not always post-it though. My sister got me hello kitty stickies from Vegas, another friend got my stickies that say "I'm a dork" so that I can put them on people's backs and then I have a collection of pretty ones. When I send notes to people in the office, I like them to look pretty. Just one way I like to make Title Insurance Fun.

Robotgranny said...

I never had any cute stickies before =[

Whenever, I want to get something cute, the image of the other party throwing it into the bin after reading it will appear in my mind and stop me from getting the cute ones!