Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I want to peeee

Remember I blogged about Shewee and how its not available in Singapore? Guess what. I went to Plaza Singapore yesterday with Selig, Gab, Teck and Koh to watch Clash Of The Titans and happen to pop by Toy Outpost. Right in that small cubical, Koh pointed that to me.

Our conversation went like that;
Koh: I didnt know now girls can pee like that *points
Cel: This looks familiar. *exclaims I BLOG ABT THIS. SHEWEE.

That boy is so cute < 3


Vicky said...

Wow, I definitely learn something new today.. Girl can pee while standing up? Thanks for the information.. I wonder if I can get it in HK..

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Ellen said...

Hi – My name is Ellen and I’m following your blog through swap-bot. Hope you’ll follow back. My info: scentednights2002

Robotgranny said...

Hi, Vicky,
I hope Koh buys that for me one day so I can start peeing like him! hahahaha.

Hi, Ellen,
Following you now!

squareby said...

Woah ... that's um ... odd. Wow. I can't believe things like that are actually manufactured and sold! Following!

Robotgranny said...

squareby, I really hope someone gets it for me or I might get it for a swap in swap-bot!

Luna said...

ahah! I want one! I try to find the States. They're used for camping here. lol

I'm RyuLuna on Swap-Bot, and I'm following you! :D

Robotgranny said...

Hi Luna. if you like, i can mail it over to you!