Monday, April 19, 2010

Carlsberg ftw

I know I know I said 2am on twitter and now its already 5 in the afternoon. But its better late than never right?

We hxc Carlsberg for the night. Koh wasnt keen on the idea of 1) The couple tee 2) Carlsberg tee 3) his dad. We do not have any couple tee and we try not to wear same color tee and head out. He thought his dad will be unhappy about it but I said: you want to bet that your dad will like what we wear instead?

Indeed, his dad gave a i-like-what-you-are-wearing face. How I know? He was nodding his head in agreement and not shaking head nor showing a unhappy face. And WHY WILL HIS DAD BE UNHAPPY? Come on, he deals with Carlsberg beer -.-' But I have to admit, we look like we came back from wearing for Carlsberg.
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Jennifer said...

I love the shirts. I don't think they sell Carlsberg here, but I had it in Ireland and loved it.

Robotgranny said...

Yikes! Where are you from, Jennifer? Koh's dad is a wholesaler. The whole warehouse is filled with Carlsberg beer! I wish it was easy to just pop a bottle or two into a huge ass enevelope and mail it over to you!

Vivian said...

Love the matching shirts. Very cute.

(newbatteri, from swapbot)

Robotgranny said...

thanks, vivian!