Saturday, April 3, 2010

Really Untitled

I hate that sometimes I cannot be myself when I am in a relationship. I hate to compromise and I like to be free like a bird flying high like a kite. I had to shut down a couple of my internet wonderings because it hurt someone with my actions.

I like having a space of my own in the internet. Since Jan, everything I posted up here was with outmost care and I chose my words fucking wisely. At least thats what I think, how I feel.

For 8 months, I've been keeping my cool, shutting my mouth. I dont know what has gotten into me in the last entry however, I am not a bit remorseful and I felt that I had a right to say something after keeping in for so long, being wronged for so long, being blamed for for so long.

I've decided to let it go. I said what I wanted to say and got my anger appeased hence I am gonna delete that entry, continue my blog and prolly apologize to those who are involved and felt I was gossiping about them insincerely so I think I'd not.

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