Thursday, January 8, 2015

Allure Signature Eyebrow Embroidery Review 2.0


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As though having good complexion for a bulk of my life wasn't blessing enough, last year September , Ang invited me to her Spa Party where I was blessed with eyebrow embroidery from the kind people at ALLURE BEAUTY SALON.

Didn't even need to use eyebrow pencil to fill in the blanks .

I was supposed to go back for a touch up session after a month but due to my busy schedule, I couldn't find any time to do so. Plus, the therapists at ALLURE were also jam packed ! 

I would prolly suck at being a beauty blogger 'cause it would be quite hectic to stuff services into my schedule but I wouldn't mind trying to be one as long as I get to be pretty. Okay, 2015, let SSL be blessed to be a beauty blog. Luckily, they didn't forget me and accommodated me even after nearly 6 months . 

Numbing cream on !

As you can tell my eyebrows were pretty unkept . Was the reason why I'm spotted with bangs. Why aren't my friends embarrassed at how "dirty" I am? Kidding, I wasn't just lazy. I didn't have the time . Maybe its time to learn how to do my own brows.

Checking me out

Making markings

Checking me out again

 Making markings again

So after nearly 6 months from the initial embroidery, the only touched up needed to do was to fill in the blanks that had faded off. To be honest, it wasn't a verse difference for/to me cause I naturally have nice brows , according to ALLURE. But, they are perfectionist.

 Before embroidery with the markings done.

During the embroidery process, I kinda look like a warrior princess.

If you feel that your numbing cream doesn't have any effect already, please tell the therapist! I didn't, just so I could feel how does it really feel like. As a person with super low threshold for pain (injections freak me out), it was bearable in comparison to a paper cut, which I can't even deal with.

Told you they professional perfectionist. At this stage, my therapist still wasn't satisfied... She checked and embroidered and checked and embroidered for a couple more times before telling me "Okay, 你可以走了."  (You can go now.)

Yah lah, no make up also can go out and see the world now 'cause my brows are pretty again. I purposely take photo with the advertisement behind. Anyone wants to try the Japanese 3D Eyelash Perming with me ? I obviously need to have lashes to match my brows.

Allure Beauty is located at -

West Mall

City Square Mall

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