Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Date A Girl Who Plays Dodgeball

Date a girl who knows how to avoid getting hurt during a nasty game of Dodgeball, a girl who knows how to nurse her own bruises if she ever does get injured, a girl who gives it her all and even when drenched in sweat, will give you the biggest hug after every game.

Date a girl who plays dodgeball because she understands the power of strength. She knows not to go alone, and will never let you go, alone. This girl has strong arm power, and has the ability to catch you when you fall. Date a girl who plays dodgeball because she doesn't mind letting you see her true self - decked in her old team jersey, unwashed knee pads, her pair of 1765 days old Nike she bought at a warehouse sale, no makeup, and messy hair.

Date a girl who plays dodgeball because she knows how to motivate. She will always be your cheerleader and your number 1 supporter. She smiles as she watches your every move because she is proud of you and believes that you are proud of her too. This girl is your lucky star.

If you date a girl who plays dodgeball, make sure you play too because this girl loves a challenge. She will definitely prefer to play against you than to play along side with you. Offer her a challenge - don't be afraid to catch her ball or throw her out of the game. She will never be mad at you for that.

Choose your dodger wisely. Not every girl who plays dodgeball is the right one to fall in love with. However, if you do find that girl who plays dodgeball, trust me, it will taste like 3 in 1 milo mix - simple, sweet, and seductive.

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