Friday, September 26, 2014

Allure Signature Eyebrow Embroidery Review


I am no beauty blogger as most of you will know and heck, what do I really do about beauty when most of the days I look like this -

Well, I promise I used to look better - flawless skin, absence of double chin, no tissue in nose, etc. when I was younger.

Took me 3 hours to find an old photo without makeup, and without Koh. I look like shit but it was still good shit.

After 5 years with Koh, I don't feel pretty anymore. I gained so much weight over the course of the relationship and because of a change of lifestyle, my face broke out. Never in my 25 years of living, had I ever had pimples on my cheeks. Its always the forehead (whenever I cut bangs) or my chin (happens if I dont wash my mouth with water immediately after I eat. Dry or wet tissue doesnt work.) In fact, after the breakup, I was in a very dark place. I resented myself so much so I cry every waking moment.

Then, I picked myself up. I don't have market value because I told myself I dont have any. I dont have suitors because I stop putting myself out there. I needed to stop wallowing in self pity. I started to reconnect with friends and in order to feel good, I must look good. So I did what I dont ever do; put make up irregardless of where I am headed to.

Have I ever told you that it was one of my straight guy friends who told me what is a mascara and its uses when I was 19? I fail as a woman. Whenever I shop, Koh sometimes will randomly ask if I need any cosmetics. Before I could answer him, hes like "Iya, never mind. You also dont use one."

So I was saying, I dont know anything about beauty tips and tricks. I know how to apply makeup only because back in NAFA, it was one of my modules. Needless to say, I didnt do very well; was already counting blessings, thanking Him, and kowtowing to my lecturer for giving me a Pass, really.

2009, I had so much confident in myself. I guess now I realise how important skincare really is to a woman and how looking pretty makes one feel pretty as well. However, there is something missing. Something I never knew how to do even till today. I thank God for the presence of Ang in my life.

So this is me. This is me in August. I think I look pretty decent, but I am still lacking something.

Yup, STILL VERY CHIO IN MY OPINION. And boy, do I look good with white snowy brows!

I kid. Eyebrows make a person, to be very honest. I usually dont do my eyebrows unless I got them shaped by the kind Indian lady in Clementi who charges me 5$ every time I see her, because I dont know how to not overly do them or under do them. It's a skill I dont possess and I prolly will never ever possess.

Either way, here is me with some numbing cream. The gorgeous people at Allure Beauty Salon are the bomb. They were very patient and took me by the hand through every single procedure needed to give me my brows.

Even if I was giving her a death stare for telling me I have nice eyebrows. I have nice eyebrows because she was shaping it and designing something that will suit my face. These brow experts are personally handpicked and professionally trained therefore obviously I will have nice brows in her hands what, no?

This was just one side done. Brows really frame a person's face. A person without the right brows will definitely look untidy and less groomed. I indeed was a lost puppy.

So patient with me when the hiaoness in me came out and I wanted to just snap photos of my transformation every 5 minutes.

After brow expert was done messing with my brows, she will then ask if I am satisfied. WRONG PERSON TO ASK, TO BE HONEST. I had to get the rest (of the staff) to come over and fuss me like a princess. After alot of opinions (mostly saying how chio I am), this is how I would look like with brows on my face every day from today onwards.

In the utmost comfort and privacy for all treatments, you can come as a couple or with girlfriends or just #foreveralone to get pampered in their rooms. Allure Beauty Salon @ West Mall adds body treatments to their service menu so customers, like you and I, can revel in pampering services from top to toe!

Are you ready for the reveal?

Hi, want to date me? Pukecereal.jpeg No wonder Koh left me for someone else.

After I was all done with the embroidery. 

Here's my brow expert ! I thank you for giving life to my face.

One very happy girl.

I had no idea what I was in for, what a treat I was in for when Ang invited me to her spa day party. Perhaps Ang secretly feels that I dont have eyebrows and in dire need to get some else she wont hang out with me anymore. Anyone who knows me on a very personal level definitely knows that I am not one who will alter anything God has given me. However, having nicely drawn eyebrows every day is such a blessing.

But wait, the service doesnt stop here. My brow expert didnt just leave me hanging, not sure of how to take care of my eyebrows to keep them the way it is for as long as the embroidery ink last. Embroidery are not tattoos. I still do not have ink anywhere on my body.

With that, I give prize to these brow experts who helped find some confidence back in my life. Because of them, I finally have eyebrows and no one to make fun of me anymore. Because of them, I can throw away my eyebrow pencils.

We celebrated the new opening of Allure Beauty Salon @ West Mall with a bang! My first spa day party and it was so fun to be girly once in a while. Thank you, Ang. I love you forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever. Okay, if you are curious who Ang is, you must be new here. Ang is the official Ambassador of Allure Beauty! Miss Silver Ang, whom alot of my friends want to get to know, embodies the true spirit of Allure Beauty because she is so talented, smart and beautiful.

Must por a bit, else she dont love me. Kidding.

Next day, I can so confidently walk out of my house without makeup, without contacts. My eyebrows so sex.

With makeup, look even more sex.

So I took a photo everyday to see if my eyebrows are still there.

Yup, they definitely are still around.

I look good even after 3 hours of dodgeball.

Nadiah and I yesterday. After a month, my eyebrows still damn sex.

I've stop donning on makeup, unless I know its going to be a nights out or I am meeting new people. Don't want to scare them with bare face just yet, however I do feel that I look okay without makeup too! Thanks to the people at Allure Beauty *flying kissesssss

Allure Beauty is located at -

Tiong Bahru Plaza
West Mall

City Square Mall


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