Monday, January 19, 2015

A Dummies' Guide to Skincare Routine (with photos)

It took me a few years but it's never too late to start on a routine . I never knew what comes first , I can never remember what comes first. Do I cleanse, moisturize then tone or tone first then moisturize? In order to aid me (and my goldfish memory), my friends had to write numbers down on the bottles ...but I can still forget.

It wasn't until the complexion went haywire that I put in effort to remember ! Guess it takes a "crisis" to get me started .

I haven't post something in awhile and I refuse to only post angry stuff this year . I need to be zen and calm my tits down. But I've nothing to blog about . So.... Here's an amateur's guide to a skincare routine: 

Hi, here's me. With makeup at 1 in the morning .

Here's me. Without makeup and after I finished my skincare routine at 1.50am on the same day. Is it me or is the photo not focus =/

I think got no difference because iPhone 5S front camera not as zai as iPhone 6. However I'm sure I look slightly radiant ? Self praise is definitely no praise at all. Ya ya ya, it's my post, not yours . So praise the Lord that my complexion is better than this :

credits here 

So I ran out of my Biore makeup remover wipes. I found this in my drawer, checked and it wasn't expired ! Scored. 


Its texture is like a piece of wet tissue and it removes my makeup with a very light swipe . Then again, I don't put on getai makeup therefore my argument is invalid.

Makeup removed! Cannot even see the makeup on the wipes . But hello, I'm barefaced on the Internet. Whadduppppp!

Another photo of me without makeup 'cause wo shuang

Side by side compare ; left makeup right no makeup . This is why it's a dummies' guide . I'm such a bad selfie taker *insertsadface

Moving on. I use my mum's facial wash 'cause I'm lazy. Lazy to buy my own. Lazy to try which is better for my skin but ...

It brightens my face ! Every time I step out of the shower I am in awe! I love the rosy cheeks I have on although I'm not sure if it's because of the steam from the hot water .

Okay, so I tone. XT9A intro this to me . I loved the smell so despite the fact I don't see an improvement to my skin, I'm still using it. I mean, I still got more than half a bottle !

Tone tone tone upwards ! I wish I can tone my arms at the same time so it won't be so flabby . 

Kohs mum used this as well and this bottle was given to me by her before the breakup. I love using this ! Makes my face feels so bouncy and white . Maybe because I am Asian... we like being fair skinned.

Put every where ! 

Let's moisturize in circular motion ! Let the skin adorb the goodness! 

There you go ! All done. Cleanse. Tone. Moisturize . I am so in love with how I look after I finish doing my skincare routine. More radiant. Fairer. And clean.

Before and after . However I know I should improve on ALOT more. I'm still finding my way and hopefully you would drop a comment / advice or two to help me improve my skin condition ! 

Next up, how I put my daily makeup ! 


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