Thursday, January 31, 2013

Nothing gold can stay

Out of sight, out of mind - a wise man once said.
I believe everyone in my life has an expiration date. Be it a break up or someone who left the world before I do. Thing is, unlike food items, we don't know when that date is. We are not prepared mentally and physically. We just have to learn to embrace the new beginning bestowed upon us.
But do I need that? Over time I learnt that life is about anticipating what is going to happen next. Oh the excitement! Why do I smell fear instead? Don't get me wrong. I rather anticipate then to know what will happen next and wait for it to happen. There will be no meaning to life. However am I strong enough to conquer the future?
Take makeup for an example. Jowey Kong just taught me that once I open a new makeup, it is only good for a year. I have been using my makeup for forever. I don't ever remember finishing a foundation power within a year and throw it away. I thought as long as my face don't itch and I do not have outbreaks, I am fine. My makeup products are fine.
Have I overuse the product without realisation and caused my surroundings to be affected as well?
I'm not good at handling relationships. I'm known for pushing people away and not letting people in. I am good at building walls. If not for blogging, id still be in my fort –arrogant and stuck up fort. Have I overextended my stay in some of my friendships?
Things have been happening. I am blinded and overwhelmed by it. I've always have different social clique but they never seem to stay together for a long period. I blame it on the lack of time to socialise ; to meet up for a cup of tea. I also blame it on "too many things so little time".
Perhaps it's time for me to reflect. Stay gold, Ryanlizana Celine NKY. Stay gold.

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