Sunday, February 3, 2013

Domino's - double the value double the joy double the fun!

Domino’s Pizza now with double value and free extra toppings makes my day !

Ever had the lazy feeling of not cooking or not going out of home to buy food but instead prefer to just be at home and wait to be fed?

Fret not, “Domino’s Pizza” is here and is just a phone call away to have piping hot, mouth-watering, taste bud arousing, extremely gourmet and affordable pizzas and snacks delivered straight to your doorstep.

Now I know these services have been around for the longest time and you might be thinking,

However, the difference that “Domino’s Pizza” has over other deliveries is their policies on customer satisfaction:
  • 30-Minutes Delivery Guarantee

Domino’s is the only pizza company that guarantees your order will arrive within 30 minutes or we’ll give you a free Regular Pizza voucher!
  • Product Satisfaction Guarantee

Domino’s guarantees satisfaction! Your pizza is guaranteed to be hot, fresh, and great tasting when it arrives at your doorstep, otherwise we’ll replace your order or refund your money.
  • 15-Minute Take-Away Guarantee

Domino’s guarantees you’ll receive your Take-Away orders within 15 minutes or we’ll give you a free Personal Pizza voucher

I had first-hand experience with the take-away guarantee and was pleasantly surprised when presented with a coupon for a “Free Personal Pizza”. It was not as though I waited very long but the fact that staff at “Domino’s Pizza” took effort to meet the time requirement even though it was a rather tall order was worth commending.

Domino’s Pizza iPhone App FTW !

Now available in SG!

To put it simply, for those who feel the need to order pizzas home delivery but is too busy IM-ing on their phone that they can’t make a call can now place on order via “Domino’s Pizza”  iPhone app.
Promotions include free Lava cakes and sides!

Double down with Domino’s Pizza and get 50% extra frigging toppings!

Random insert of my company for the night.

One more for the blog.  All photos that are not grabbed from Dominos website or google are thanks to Miss Jowey Kong

Visit Mint Music for her incredible voice. So glad to have bumped into her!

Now Imma get down to serious business.

What better way to celebrate CNY than to have double deals on 2 Regular Pizzas or 2 Large Pizzas for $22 and $36
Double Value Deal is valid for these popular pizzas:

Classic Peperoni – 50% more pepperoni

Simply Cheese – 50% more cheese

Hawaiian Paradise -50% more Hawaiian

If I am King and have it my way, I want a pizza all of this:

Not full of me and a container but...

I have my eyes on my favourite Spicy Drumlets! I had like 2 boxes of this. I was heaven on earth. Gawd, Id like to have some now.


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