Sunday, January 27, 2013

Once you go Android,

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That's it.

I am a convert. A semi- convert.

As you know, I was recently given a Note 2. Ive never look back since.

Samsung has delivered what it promised and now, I download my shows via my phone. Gone were the days  I have to use my computer to torrent them. WHY DID I NOT CONVERT EARLIER I ask myself every single day.

And you know what I'd like? A washing machine.

Yes, a Samsung Washing Machine. I mean, if their phones are already so great, their washing machines should be mind blowing!

Its a bear! Its a huge bear!

Samsung is proud to present a new Eco-Bubble Technology washing machine that promotes energy saving! This washing machines works up to 40 times faster as compared to a normal water/detergent mix!

Its all about the bubbles! This ecobubble technology creates thousand of tiny bubbles that envelop your clothes into a cushion of foam!

BEST OF ALL - IT HELPS YOU TO SAVE 70% energy on every load.

For someone who has never done a single household chore in her life, this sounds so amazing. I always wanted a dish washer in my future house. Now, I want both a dish washer and a Samsung Eco-Bubble Technology washing machine in my (future) service balcony.

Head to here for more information on the washing machine!

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