Thursday, January 10, 2013

2013 and counting

So we all survived. Prolly 'cause I emailed the Mayans to not let me die. Not when my Facebook has been flooded with tons of newly weds and cute baby photos. I wont want them to die after having just started a family, will I?

Sometimes, I cant help but start to envy them. That they took the next step in Life. Id like to have that. But first, I need to find someone to fill the big shoes with me. I am not sure if the past 3.5 years has been a waste of time. Knowingly that we will never be husband and wife, I still harbour the thought that we would be.

2013 and my gut feeling still remains; we will never ever ever be married. at least not to each other.

Fuck it. You know how they always say live life on the edge? So screw all the past resolutions I made and not fulfilled. I am not going to repeat them the way I usually do. Its like I am jinx or something to my resolutions. Therefore, 2013, come at me, bro.

Actually, I managed to do one on the list. Travel to Bangkok. I did that 3 times in 2012. Once for 2010, once for 2011 and another for 2012. GREAT JOB, ME!

Btw, SSL, Happy 3rd Birthday. You have been a wonderful silent companion that everyone needs.

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