Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Fun at Theme Park RW Genting

Do you like the adrenaline of roller coasters or just simply enjoy classic roller coasters rides? GOOD NEWS! Cyclone, Malaysia's first roller coaster, has finally reopened!

No more "coming back soon" because its here!

Some information you might need to know before you  rush to make your booking just for the ride:

Couldnt find a better photo. But remember, it has REOPENED!

Thrill ride

Genting Land,
Outdoor Theme Park

Height Requirement:
Minimum of 122cm

Express Lane: 

Capacity: 4 persons/coach

 I can imagine myself in the cold chilly weather getting some blood into my head with Cyclone. Best if Koh is with me. Perfect Romantic Date in my honest opinion. I am not a fan of roller coasters. Ive been to USS 4 times and not once took the Battlestar rides. But when I was in Genting with Koh in January 2011 (where he just POP), I had the balls to ride the roller coasters with him because he is my pillar of strength and support (and I took 6 hours to ride the coach so I better do something I will not regret). 

And this, was the roller coaster that we took. Cyclone. Before we took the ride, Koh was like "this ride is so old, anyone could potentially died". That didnt stop us nor the 40 over people who were behind us. But RW Genting knows what they are doing lah . Thats why it went for maintenance and NOW, ITS REOPENED!

Cyclone was closed for maintenance and has now reopened, ready to send more hearts racing.

Koh and I should head back whenever we have problems in our relationship. Remind myself why I sat the ride with him. But we never have any major issues that I will leave him for. That doesnt mean I cannot book a trip and surprise him with it.

Actually, I am going to Genting in January with his Yee Por and Ah Yee because Yee Por got free room. So YAY ME. IN A MONTHS TIME I GET TO RIDE THE CYCLONE. I HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!

Experience 1.5 minutes of good old fashioned thrills and spills for that adrenaline rush at RW GENTING NOW!

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