Saturday, December 22, 2012

'Tis the season to be jolly at RW Genting

With Christmas and New Year around the corner and you working too hard the entire year, a break is what you need and of course, deserve. Yet, you have a low budget and dont want to travel too far off the grid? FEAR NOT!

All you got to do is book the next coach up to Genting and in 5hours, TA-DA! You will find yourself in a very cooling part of the world with the most exciting never ending list of activities!

If you are a foodie, you are in luck!

RW Genting has so much cuisine to offer, this is off the hook! Starting from the oriental Happy Valley Seafood Restaurant to the ice cream buffet at Coffee Terrace, there is nothing you cannot find if you crave for it. Speaking of which, I am so craving for the long beans, fried fish and fried chicken with chilli flakes at Ming Ren Restaurant! You can even have a drink or two after dinner!


If only Ive known of this site earlier, I would have watched Jeff Chang LIVE. Omgomgomgwtfwtfomgomwtfkillmenow

If you just wanna like countdown out of Singapore, RW Genting is still the place to go! Fireworks, music, drinks, you name it, you got it. Welcome 2013 with a Bang! Be entertained by the rows of neon lights pillars as you walk into cloud 9, feeling like you are really on cloud nine and sway your hips to their resident DeeJays, spinning to your HipHop and RnB mix. They also offer you snacks to munch on.

Of course you still have your regular casino, shopping area and in/outdoor theme park. Good for you and the family! What are you waiting for? ITS TIME TO REJOICE AT RW GENTING !

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