Saturday, December 8, 2012

End of an era

Because 140 characters is no enough for me to convey my feelings to the World Wide Web. Sometimes I am so used to ranting in the Internet that I forgot I have friends. But, who really wants to listen to my drama or lack thereof.

So ... I'm halfway through watching a 30mins video on a review of Samsung Note 2 - basically teaching me how to use a samsung phone. I feel dumb having to google because I am too lazy to read the manual.

And prolly also 'cause I've yet to say my goodbyes to my iPhone 4. I feel as thou I am cheating on it. But hey, iPhone 4, it's not you, it's me okay! I am not abandoning you. Your next user will take better care of you, I promise.

It's the end of an era for me IMO.

I will never forget how convenient Apple has been for me. How my phone, koh's phone and the iPad sync together - eg. when Koh dl-ing a new app, my phone and the iPad will also have the app dl-ing at the same time !

I'm still using my iPhone and enjoying the auto-correct function (I heard Samsung dont have) while the Samsung Note 2 is still in its box. Untouched since I got home. It's lifeless and batteryless.

Come 8pm, I'd be configuring the Samsung and putting my iphone to sleep for awhile.

Thank you Koh for my early Christmas present. But there are 12 days to it, I wonder how are you going to top it up the next 11 days. Either way, I'm pretty much fucked 'cause idk what you want for Christmas !

If you like to read a review of the Samsung Note 2 coming from an iPhone user, you prolly won't have to wait very long. Because iPhone vs Samsung Galaxy is life's toughest decision. I wish I had somsone -or something on the WWW- who could have helped me with that decision.

P/s: having Flash on my phone prolly will not make any difference. I've lived 5 years w the iPhone without Flash and I'm still alive.

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