Friday, November 30, 2012

They condemn what they do not understand

Warning: if you are in good mood and rather skip life lessons, this post is not for you.

Things have been rather quiet lately. Other than my trip to Bangkok, there seems to be nothing else to blog/tweet about! How do others do it? I have never been the kind to blog about my everyday - where did I go, what did I eat, what did I wear, who did I meet, how did I get there, etc -. Do you seriously want to know what time I go for a toilet break?

lol, I do this to Koh and Jared all the time.

Luckily for myself, I love drama - thou it prolly last for only a few hours- and I was pretty stroked that the SMRT saga still has its likes climbing up! Despite it making me feel sad for our society - other than having sadist love seeing others get trolled and know-it-alls giving legal advice -, I did enjoy the good laugh I had every time I see more stupid people commenting on how oblivious and how much of a dumb blonde I am.

Apply cold water to the burn skin!

If seeing is believing then OMFG! Valeria Lukyanova is really barbie doll incarnation!

She's real!

In a social circle, there's bound to be one or two of these imbeciles. You cant like them all, you cant hate them all. What pisses me of is people without their own mindset. I get it, being in a group prolly make you feel invincible. 'Cause you think anything happen, these are your 'brothers/sisters' who have your back. Ya sure, when it comes to being a prick or borrowing a few cents - thats what they can afford only anyway-. I would really like to see what will become of them if shit got real.

lol, teletubby.

Right, you must be confused. You know how I like to 'fry news'? Especially when I am like in the low tide season where everything is so boring and mundane. I need action, news -no, the china strike thing dont concern me. I take cab all the time now-, more action, drama, bitching, ...firstworldproblems!


And how I take a glance at someone new and very quickly decide if I like or loathe that person. I am always right one lor so I dont even bother trying to change that part of me. So, like I've said earlier, in a social circle, you cannot like/hate them all.

I always cannot stand a certain someone but I try my best to engage in conversations -although turned out awkward all the time- whenever and however I can. 'Cause since A is friends with everyone else, A shouldnt be what I think A is, right? Nope, didnt work out. Still cant stand A. Funny thing is I cant point what I cannot stand about. Maybe 'cause A accuse me of hanging with them only because I got no other friends/nothing to do -in other words, saying I making use of them- =/ How hilarious. But more on this later.

Along came more new faces. This is where I dont hang out very often anymore as I dont go back to my parents' every night. So every once in awhile, when I arrange to meet C, they are always around. I meet C for a reason; either to catch up on things or to pass C things. Not because like what A thinks, I got nothing else better to do. Hell, I could've stayed home to watch my TV drama!

School? What school?

Koh has always describe some of them as delinquents and even though I havent hold a decent conversation with them yet, I defended them and told Koh to butt out. Although I already know I confirm cannot click with them but because they are friends of a friend of a friend or however related to someone in the original group, I should gave myself a chance to see whats on the inside.

Yup, always motherfucking trust my own instincts. As of 30th Nov 2012, thats my motto.

These kids are mentally disabled. Sick in their own world and perhaps only 20% educated. So full of themselves and very unrealistic. They speak not only without IPO system but also without facts. As thou living in their fantasy world isnt bad enough, they drag others down with them. My heart wept for them all. I hate to be so general because I am really referring to just one or two of them. Oh well, people judge all the time. Therefore, they should be given the benefit to also judge who I am actually referring to.

Pfft, bitch please. You can be an Eurasian and a Singaporean at the same time, you know? The latter is your citizenship and the former is your race. So you mean to say if you are Malay means you are Malaysian? In this case, please tell me which country are Eurasians from! Seriously, who in the blue world -cause we are somewhat 70% water, 30% earth - can pretend to be Eurasian? I, for sure, cannot. 1)I do not have the skin colour. 2) I do not have any angmoh blood flowing in my system. 3) My I/C states otherwise.

Meet Jean Danker, prolly one of the most recognized local (+65) Eurasian.  

*roll eyes*

And, A, its not like I dont give a damn about my brothers. They are entitled to how to live their lives. They dont come to me and tell me how to live mine. Maybe you should care more about your demented family. You are lucky your sister(s) is/are there for you although shit happens and things arent going so well for you in your family. My condolences. God prolly have something else planned for you if you wake up your ideas -come the fuck on, how old already?-. He is always fair.

This post is getting so tough, being unable to name names as most of them are still minors. Therefore, here comes more random alphabets!

These kids are also two faced sons of guns. S, you really think they have your back when they had dissed you more often to any others? Have you long forgotten those days where we genuinely talk about the future? Where have that sensible part of you one to? Is it necessary to get to their good books and forget about being who you are? You are definitely better than that!

[Side track: Oh, before I forget, I must really clear the air! Yes, I teach for a living for some time now. Instead of questioning my ability to do so, perhaps you want a trial lesson to see for yourself? It will cost you about 40-60$ an hour. Doubt you can afford that but it is how much my one hour cost. Now, what about yours? $7.50? K, I give you $10 enough to buy rokok.]

You could also read my testimonials! My students either Band 1 or Band 2 leh. One even got "Best Progress Award"- Not Good Progress but Best! -. Currently, I have 3 parents on my waiting list (since 3 months ago) but I just want to take a break this holiday season and concentrate on my angmoh students. CA2, PSLE and SA2 took its toll on me -insertsadface.

If you dont like the idea of me being a tutor, lan lan suck thumb lor. Just make sure our paths dont meet when you have offsprings that need extra help!]

R and Z, I've never really hold a proper conversation with y'all two before but I know your hearts are kind. I dont have beef with the two of you, tbh. Therefore if yall have/had a problem with me, my apologies.

Sorry Gen X, Gen Y couldnt do any better; Myself included.

Once a bad seed, forever a bad seed. You cant grow anything out of it. But a bad apple can be a good one if you remove the bruise part. However, if a bad apple has maggots in it, its a gone case. Apparently, some of them have maggots in their heads but hey! They who do not understand, condemn.

p/s: pardon the usage of language. Not entirely in the best of mood to type and phrase pRoPerLy.

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Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure Jean danker has Filipino some where in her. How's that even eurasian?

Yes the hickeys were painful ;)