Saturday, June 2, 2012

I drafted this entry on wednesday.

A very good morning to you. I hope your morning so far isn't as shitty as mine. This shitty morning is caused by? You may ask. I shall answer. Me.

It will started w last night. No biggie. Just another random Tuesday night where we organize/hold yet another house party. Who am I kidding? I am never that cool. Ori organized a mini surprise party for Cheng as it is his birthday at the stroke of 12. So I went, dragging my underage brother with me.

Got wasted to a certain extent. What's new? Made friends w people I haven't spoke to in the longest time. Okay, maybe not "make friends" more like reignite the friendship.

Came home. Koh started shouting at me. He went all gorillaz on me. I have no clue what was happening as I wasn't in my right state of mind. Half fucked, I slept.

Woke up after a couple of hours, with alcohol still in my body, I went to my first tutee class of the day. Sleepy and still sick with alcohol, I taught. The lesson went on for 1.5 hours which felt like forever! I swear I am never drinking on a weeknight again. Not if I have a lesson to teach.

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