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Hillsta Amazing Race

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Koh and I hardly get to attend events together as he don't blog (he thinks one needs a vajayjay to own a blog -.-'). Hence, upon receiving Jayne's email on an amazing race at Hillsta , I was over the moon! I could bring a plus one!

I could have asked Nate with me because I remember Nate telling me he will join amazing race once he turned 21. Yaaaaa, I SHOULD HAVE ASKED NATE ALONG INSTEAD!

Anyway, Saturday came really fast and we woke up early in the morning (despite partying the night before till 6am) to head to Phoenix MRT (where Hillsta is located).

I havent been on a LRT for quite some time (no reason to go there also) and the view was actually quite breath-taking.
Koh's first time on LRT. Noob or what.

 Give you couple shoots taken in the LRT.

Sorry I had to do this. HIS FIRST TIME TAPPING OUT FROM LRT STATION! Taking the step to be more Singaporean.

Hillsta, located conveniently opposite Phoenix LRT station, is just a 3 minutes walk away!

Eggcited couple. Dont know what to expect. However its not the first time we enter a sales gallery. We were at SeaHill (another development from Far East Organization) the previous weekend.

Red carpet- ish entrance.

Friendly faces of the property agents at Hillsta sales gallery.

In case you never been to a Sales Gallery before, it is for potential buyers (or kpo kias) to view at the actual floor area/floor plan of the unit they will like to purchase. Basically a gallery with furnitures and structures instead of just looking at a piece of 2D photo.

After watching HIMYM, I am very into tree figures. I think they are really pretty!

So thoughtful! Got kids corner while the adults are discussing "business".

We settled down for a talk by one of the agents to find out more about Hillsta. Hillsta has a Satoyama concept living. 'Sato' means arable, livable land in Japanese while 'Yama' means mountain. Inspired by this concept, Hillsta has been created to take full advantage of its highly-coveted hillside location so that residents can coexist with nature.

There are 416 residences of high living and 3 unique residential types housing: Soho, Condomniums and Townhouses. It is one exclusive enclave of discreet splendour (think Sentosa Cove!). Hillsta's exquisite lifestyle is a signature statement and this, my friend, rises above all.

2 Bedroom Condo.

1 Bedroom Condo.

2 different styled SOHO units.

Townhouse. You canz have your own private pool. Imagine houses with condo facilities. The only place I know with such fancy amenities is Sentosa Cove which cost 20million #nojoke

We had like 45 mins to walk around and snap photos. There, I met Val!!! She confirm will win something later. Everytime I met/bump into her at events, she forever walk away with a prize. Think she must be made a meme : #foreverlucky #luckygirlval

Wait a min... WHERE IS KOH?

Silly boy found new food! Lunch and teabreak was provided for us. I am not sure if this is served one a daily basis for walk-ins as well. But I saw some potential buyers snacking on Quizno (my favv!!) sandwiches.

Failzzz shot of me and koh in our "future home". I kid. If the shoe fits and I know Koh will be very happy to hear this, I dont mind staying in a condo.  But I would prefer a HDB apartment.

So about 11.30, the race started. I very competitive one when comes to like races. I used to do relays -and only relays. and high jump (1st place in Sec 1, 3 and 4)- and I like to be the last runner. I love the feeling of dashing pass people who think they had it in the bag.

We were the first to arrive at the station under a void deck beside Phoenix LRT. Actually, I was the first. I walked so fast, it nearly turned into a run. I didnt want to run 'cause no one was running. I would look stupid if I did run. When asked where is my partner, I looked around only to find Koh still walking -.-

Moving on...

Ahh. Took us less than 5 mins to walk here (from Phoenix LRT station).

We had to complete a crossword puzzle. I did we did good this round too.

Time to get hydrated before we head to the 3rd station!

Very happy face. 'Cause I actually thought the next station is very far away. Like I see the map is 2-3 (cannot remember lol) LRT stations away. But no, its like 12 mins walk from Hillsta.

I canz not believe it. 2 shopping locations walkable distance from Hillsta. Its like blooodyyy convenient. Bukit Panjang Plaza there also got 1 LRT and 1 Bus Interchange. I think we dont need to try to figure out how Harry Potter apparate. 

Done w the 3rd station! We had to read this piece of lengthy wordy paper. I cannot remember what was the content but I was in a state of panic. HOW TO REMEMBER SO MANY WORDS THAT DOES NOT MEAN A THING TO ME? Not like my life depended on it you knowwww.

Then this guy took away the paper in 30 secs-ish and gave us the same text only this time its in a form of shredded pieces of paper. We had to rearrange them . I was still like shaking and mumbling "oh my tian" every 1 second. Koh smiled and said its done. Im all like ARE YOU SURE? He's like "yeaaa, they never cut the paper properly. You can just match the lines."

I was in awe. I know my bf has always been the smarter one. But this kinda of 'play-cheat-take-shortcut' method I am best at it.

K, dont waste time. still got like 2 more stations + one bonus station and need to get back by 1.30pm.

Ahh 4th station!

What kind of sorcery is it?? Bukit Panjang LRT is sooooo near??? Rubbish, of course I know this already. So this station (no time no photo) , we had to spot ten differences. In our opinions, the hardddesssttt station ever. We were quite worried that we might lack behind in terms of Hillsta money. The photos had terrible resolution. Try taking photo with your iPhone 3GS and use Paint to enlarge the size to A3. Ya, THAT TERRIBLE. And the kind of differences is not majorly huge. Its like "hey, let's screw them over. Here, at this side, we shall use Brush to place a small yellow dot." Grrr. 

Making or rather, finding our way to the 5th station. Which I thought we were lost. All the blocks look the same! Nonetheless, found our way and felt stupid after.

Station which need me to use my brain. From the mailer that was given to us, we were supposed to write out all the adjectives we can find. Despite being a full time tutor, I spaced out. I cannot, for the life of me, remember what are adjectives. Koh immediately got to work. Within seconds, we submitted our paper. Yay to us him.

At this point, we were also handed the clue to our bonus station! Koh solved it even before I read it -.-' Suddenly like more competitive than me.

Not very happy 'cause need to climb bridge. I whole day thought I damn smart to manage to avoid ALL overhead bridges!

Wah wah wah so fast I nearly could not catch up. I not like Koh lor, leave me to walk fast fast myself than ownself walk so behind.

CONFIRM IS REACH CORRECT PLACE 'cause got same colour shirt people. Oh, in the end the orange shirt I was wearing, I gave it to Koh's housekeeper. 1. Her home clothes (also used to be mine) wear till got holes already 2. Dont waste the shirt. I'd throw it away anyway.

So we had to add all the bus service numbers (mentally) for this last station. Koh mcm superman, not even 5 seconds add finish already. I really is barbie bimbozz.

Koh camwhoring. We thought we overheard someone saying to take a photo w Hillsta as backdrop while we were in the queue. So I faster ask Koh to go take first so we dont have to run there later to take and then run back here. Lao Niang iz very tired already.

Spam more. He hardly do this. Lol, so cute <3

But, in the end, NEED BOTH OF US IN THE PHOTO. So imagine this photo but with Koh beside me. Ya, Hillsta is still the backdrop (rather, part of it). I SMART RIGHT!!!!! I argued back saying that he did not state that must be the building there what or never say the ENTIRE backdrop must be of Hillsta.

The time has come. FINALLY AMAZING RACE IS ABOUT TO BE OVER! But, we reached there, got another bonus bonus station! And I believe this is the station where determines if our Hillsta money will have increment or not (I made Koh sexy dance one of the event helper although not a very good dancer or sexy to begin with, he scored 200 Hillsta dollars!).

Tea Break!

Why this Koh behave so suspiciously!

Either, he looking at girl and dont want me to catch him or he stole something from the gallery...

None of the above! He wanted to surprise me with my favourite dim sum.

End of our first couple race! 3 years together, still got firsts. I think we must live under a rock with Patrick starfish or we lepak too much at home.

I spy with my little eye.. tired staff counting our Hillsta dollars!

Lol. This image very funny! Gen, I am sorry I took your picture without permission. It really looks like you had moved in to Hillsta!


Hurrryyy! Additional 2% discount! You can also find out more about Hillsta at

Koh getting his Ba Zhang on before he gets his wisdom teeth extracted (as I typing this entry, dont know if have fat face or swollen from extraction).

The score!

All teams' scores are announced. You figure out which team won already right..

Pajamas won. and you know who are behind Pajamas??

YES THAT'S RIGHT. WE WON WE WON WE WON WE WON WE WON! Although I feel we really did very well as a (very thick skin) couple, I also didnt want to get too complacent. Imagine my feeling after Pajamas' score was out. I was like "If any team score 4500, I surely fliptable.jpeg."

That's me counting to make sure got 15 of these paper.

Thanks Val, for helping me snap these shots! Oh yea, first time Koh and I ever won anything together. This picture was taken when the event people were asking us to perform. Every station, I very thick skin ask for more Hillsta dollars and very standard, they ask to impress them. So I also every station do the same old accents (alternate between Lulu and Leticia) and every station we get extra 200 Hillsta dollars except the last bonus bonus station (we got 200 Hillsta dollar each).

I ish can go shopping!

Remember when I say Val confirm will win something.

She won the latest iPad during lucky draw!

Nvm. I shall not be greedy. I got 15 pieces of $100 cash vouchers for use at Orchard Central! The damage I've done so far is : 400$ at Fun Gamez - Band Hero, additional guitar, Need for Speed Xbox360 for my brothers and Webcam for Koh. 100$ at totallyHOTstuff - iPhone cover, Drunken Tower, accessories holder and something else which I forgot. 300$ at Nautica - Shirts for Koh's family and myself (my most expensive shirt ever). Still got 7 pieces dont know how to spend. I cant even find anything for the Nuffies! Still got 5 more months till expire.

I think Koh and I prepared for amazing race asia. We can at least make it to the top ten, enough to appear on tv right?

Anyway, thank you Hillsta and Nuffnang for this wonderful event! Visit Hillsta at

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